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Say Hello to My Furry Friends

Benny, Feralita, and Sula Pup

This is Posted on the Office Door:

But If You Stop by After Lunch, This is What You May Find:

Nap Time
Benny Found a Snack
burr ben . . . benjamin brat . . . tienemen ben . . . manwich . . . benjamino mas . . . meaty . . . el carne . . . ben dog . . . ben bureene . . . hammy . . . box tube . . . ben qaeda . . . pineapple upside down ben . . . c**k block ben . . . constant gardener . . . jackie business sims . . .
Sometimes Dogs Start To Look Like Their Toys

Feral Runs with the Best of Them When She is Sleeping
Mean Mean Irene Keeping the Three Dogs In Check
on the Home Front is Our
Resident Siamese - Irene Johnson

Ben and Irene - Co-Sharers of Space

Scooter Pup Sims
Rest In Peace
Little Lamb
This is Scooter Pup Sims aka
Poop Neck
Pantera Pup
Scooter Pot Pie
Needle Nose Pin Head
Stink Bomb
Pink-Nosed Dingo
The Little Brown One
Special D

His hobbies included:
chasing bunnies
fluffing pillows
eating gravy

and ignoring me, his smother.  

Lorelei Sims - Artist Blacksmith / Welcome to the Vortex of Hot Metal!