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Lorelei Sims - Artist/Blacksmith - BLACKSMITHCHIC.COM
Organic Metalworking - Volume One - The Grapevine

Organic Metalworking is a serial publication which explores Lorelei's passion for creating
functional ironwork that emulates asymmetrical patterns found in nature.

Volume One features information, insight, instruction, and projects
inspired by The Grapevine.

In addition to traditional blacksmithing, modern applications for
moving and shaping metal are presented.

Organic Metalworking can be used to describe the aesthetic composition of Lorelei's
work, but it also refers to the natural development of her metalworking processes.

Full Color Photography

Geared for the reader who has some metalworking background,
but would like to expand the capabilities.

Step by Step Instruction

Available for Purchase - November 2015

Lorelei Sims - Artist Blacksmith / Welcome to the Vortex of Hot Metal!
greetings from our homestead in charleston, illinois